Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EHUD OLMERT MASTERS FOG & SAND (in his own words)

Let's get our facts straight. Everyone says I’m utterly weakened. That’s true. Everyone calls me a failure. That used to be true. Now it’s completely wrong. After an admittedly messy start, I am, like the great ringmasters before me, quietly and firmly directing Circus Israel’s perpetual show, FOG and SAND. Ask yourself, this, you critics – who dominates Eretz Israel today? We do. The Jews. And who takes a little bit more each day for our very own? We do. And how do we do this? A demolition here, a confiscation there, and streets full of lovely new houses on the hill. The FOG of Facts on the Ground and the SAND of Self-Absorbed Nest Development. Every righteous Jew playing their part, and the soothing warble of meaningless negotiations beguiling friend and foe alike. This is what works today, people. This is how we grab all the good candy. The Circus doesn’t need some belligerent, dumb-ass screwing this up with a big shoot-out. I tried that in Lebanon when I thought I was strong and popular, and look what it got me. Now that I’m utterly weak, I can’t try that foolishness anymore. That’s the genius of FOG and SAND. Just plug and play and don’t touch the machine. And get off my back about the money.

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