Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Once again, the United Nations condemned the US trade embargo against Cuba, this time by a vote of 187-3. In the minority were the US and Palau (the future home of the Guantanamo Uighurs). And, of course, Israel. At first glance, it’s just more of the diplomatic “69” the US and Israel always perform for each other. Sure, it feels a little perfunctory now - not like it was with W, when they went at it like 2 rats fucking in a sweat sock – but still reliable and knowing and sincere. Why wouldn’t it be? Israel does better embargo than anybody, as Gaza demonstrates. Israel’s passionate about embargoes. And faithful to its American partner. Or is it?

From Ynet News, June 22, 2006 – MK Rafi Eitan will join a menorah lighting ceremony in Havana with Fidel Castro. Eitan has “enormous citrus lands in Cuba, the size of Gaza.” He has also “set up an enormous real estate project…including 18 [6-story] residential buildings and a commercial shopping center, at around USD 200 million.”

From Reuters, March 20, 2008 – The US government has penalized the “BM Group, Cuba’s largest citrus exporter, co-founded by former Israeli intelligence operations chief Rafi Eitan.” The BM Group is also described as “Cuba’s biggest commercial real estate developer with the building of Havana’s main business center, the Miramar Trade Center [the real estate project referred to in the Ynet News].” The BM Group partnered on the Miramar project with another Israeli investor, the Habas Group.

These business interests are private ventures by Israeli entrepreneurs. But they’re buttressed by commercial and political risk insurance from the Israeli Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation, an entity within the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. (Fun fact about Rafi Eitan – he was the Israeli handler for the convicted American spy, Jonathan Pollard.)

Let’s face it, Israel, you’re going through the motions on this American embargo. You’re faking it. You’re two-timing your significant other. And America, wise up. It was over years ago. Are you even surprised?

The BM Group's citrus plantation is only have the size of the Gaza Strip. And the Israeli venture is only one of hundreds of foreign agricultural developments that Cuba's Socialist Government has entered into. There are Spanish, Italian, etc. groups too. After so many years, today no one takes the Cuban embargo too seriously.

Your satire is brilliant and you write very professionally. You remind me of the Jewish Cabaret in pre-War Berlin making fun of the soldiers of the future Zionist state. Very funny. I laugh too. It is so "galuti". We have real enemies and we are in a real war and you are not helping.
have = half

I am very old.
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