Thursday, July 29, 2010


Zionists, listen up! I, David Bar Echsam, challenge you to a fight. All of you. You’re weak, self-hating cowards and I’m gonna kick your asses.

That means face-to-face combat, bochur. No keyboards, no remote-controlled drones, no mob to protect you. Just you and me. Prison rules. Or no rules at all. And no weapons. Except hands, feet, teeth, permanently affixed prostheses and, when appropriate, genitals. Frankly, after I knock you out, I may have my way with you.

You love force and aggression? Great. Let’s go. Big or small, young or old, ultra-orthodox or secular, male, female or in transition, I don’t care. Fight me. Are you trained? A krav maga expert? A big Jackie Chan fan? Cool. Fight me. You a pencil-necked, pimple-faced yeshiva boy or some other wanker? That’s your problem. Fight me.

A little doubt just crept into your tummy, didn’t it? A brief, disorienting flash of you - all by yourself - somewhere beyond the internet café, somewhere beyond the barracks or the bath-house, nothing lethal or ironic in your hands, exposed and responsible, waiting...

Oh, don’t lose your water, pussy. You’re safe. Unless you take the challenge. Unless you tell me where to find you. Unless you man up and fight me.

Here’s my Zionist fighting schedule: anywhere, any time. You provide the coordinates, I show up, we fight. Feel free to pick a nice place to convalesce after I slap the shit out of you. But don’t delay. I’m limiting myself to bitch-slapping 18 Zionists per day. Why 18? It’s probably a vestige of family gift-giving to the Jewish Federation. I’d go double chai, but there’re only so many hours in a day.

So come out, come out, yellow-belly. This really is the ass-whipping you need. And since you’re not used to fighting without weapons superiority, I’ll take it easy on you. It won’t be like the stomping you’d get in a fair fight with a Palestinian.

You're on! But I've gotta get a green light from the US first, OK?

Till then, Chickenshit Zionist
Can I at least drop in from a helicopter, at night, when you least expect it? Like on the Mavi Marmara? LOL.
Go, go, go! All systems are GO!
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