Friday, September 24, 2010


Circus Israel’s going to the back burner. Because the Israeli government is immersed in good-faith negotiations with the Palestinian Authority? Making the painful concessions necessary to a just resolution? No way. Israel’s more-land-fewer-goyim peace plan is still the only thing on the table.

Then why is Circus Israel, in the phrasing of the U.S. armed forces, standing down? No getting around it - after 30 months and 101 entries (enough for an anti-Zionist coffee table book), we’ve fallen short of our goals. Huh? Circus Israel had goals? Yes. To help sustain, even empower, fighters for the Palestinian cause. To skewer and piss off a lot of Zionists.

The Circus has reached a handful of fighters, and your responses have been genuinely inspiring. Whether we’ve bolstered you in this impossible struggle, know that you’ve sustained us. But it’s come to feel like sharing in-jokes with a few staunch friends, rather than contributing meaningfully to a larger movement.

As for pissing off Zionists, we’ve failed dismally. Despite our most earnest and scatological efforts. How these people can detect an anti-Zionist insult sealed in kryptonite a thousand meters away, yet take no offense at Circus Israel, is just puzzling. Unless we consider the obvious. They don’t read the Circus.

This doesn’t mean we’re leaving the fight. Hell no. Just changing tactics, turning to other writing genres, other expressive forms. But not changing the subject. The Palestinians can’t walk away from this one-sided mess, so we won’t either.

Please don’t de-activate whatever alert mechanism you might use for new Circus entries. When Circus Israel seems like the best platform for an idea, that’s where it’ll go.

Thanks for seeing the show.

(…and as the last clown gestures to the footlights, we FADE TO BLACK.)

Dear David,

The lack of a response to your posts is no reflection on their quality (second to none!) or relevance (greater than ever!). They are so beautifully to the point and so utterly deadly that, for Homo Zionicus, devoid of any real answer at the best of times, there simply is no comeback. For the rest of us, however, please - no back burning or fading to black.

I understand we're time poor and the pressure's on to channel our efforts where they can be most effective. So even if Circus Israel posts becomes a tad more sporadic (and thankfully you've at least left that option open), please keep it up! Quality will always find its audience in the end.

Re a CI coffee table book, I've always thought your blog should find its way into book form, complete with suitable graphics. Yes? Re 'turning to another genre', be it theatre or novel, we should be so bloody lucky. Speaking of which, my very next post on Middle East Reality Check concerns a court case which literally screams out for treatment by a writer of your calibre. Check it out when it's up.

Don't, whatever you do, go away! Have I made myself clear?
I wondered what it would have been like to suffer through the Bush administration without Jon Stewart.. well, I'm about to find out.

However, now that the Circus goals have been revealed, I promise to send the timeless pieces to people who will be furious.

Rest assured your comments have been appreciated by more people than you realize.
I just discovered your blog today November 8 2010, through another blog, and I was in stitches.

Your blog is really a breath of fresh air.

I love your kick-ass (i.e. Zionist ass) sarcasm. It's a dirty, stinky job but someone's gotta do it and you do it brilliantly!

We need to link you on a bunch of other sites. At the speed the Jewish state is degenerating, it's time to get on the "offensive" and expose the absurdity behind Zionism.

Do you really think this is a time for a hiatus just when the real "fun" is starting? I mean Isreal and its proxies are looking more ridiculous by the minute; and there's a wealth of Zionist "POOP" (I love that piece you did!) to sift through. Like I said, it's stinky, but exposing it and pissing off the poopers is just too sweet.

Hope to see more of your wit here, there and everywhere.
Israel is in the middle, so it is really hard.
Nice article, thanks for the information.
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